Allow root access without password

First add a user:

$ sudo adduser ubuntu
$ sudo usermod -aG sudo ubuntu

Edit sudoser file with visudo (edit the sudoers file in a safe fashion).

$ sudo visudo

Add this line in the last line and save it.


Now sudo -s or sudo su - will login to root without asking password. This is also
required if you want to run ansible scripts with become: yes
(see: ansible docs).

Next thing we need to add our ssh public key to .ssh/authorized_keys so that we can
ssh without password.

$ cd  # go to home directory
$ mkdir .ssh
$ chmod 755 ~/.ssh  # .ssh directory should have 755 permissions and be owned by the user
$ touch authorized_keys
$ chmod 644 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys  # authorized_keys file should have 644 permissions and be owned by the user
$ nano .ssh/authorized_keys

Copy and paste your public ssh key into .ssh/authorized_keys and save it. That is it.

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