About me

My name is Gašper Karantan Vozel. I have been developing in Python for more than 6 years. In this time I've been doing mostly web development using Pyramid, Pylons and Django frameworks. Because I worked in smaller companies I also had to learn other tools/languages like AngularJS (JavaScript), SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB and CouchDB), celery (with redis), etc.

For code deployment process I use git. Here (link) I wrote a quick tutorial/reminder for myself on how to setup deployment process for deploying website with Git.
Because I really like AngularJS and I like to have secure passwords I also created "Password Keychain" which is an Chrome app for generating and easy access all your passwords. It is available here: link

About my personal character: I am very process oriented. I like to have organised workflow and well defined tasks.


Here is my CV. I will try to update it as often as I can.

Download CV: Link